it’s called a spade

This is a collection of stories about life—about people and God, recovery and relapse, heartache and brokenness, and the reality that life is hard, even if you believe in God or you don’t. But I also think there is hope and healing and that sometimes they come without answers. This is a collection of stories from a human who almost disappeared in her efforts to be seen, a girl who called spades hearts and smiled while bluffing.

Some stories are sad and deep; others are fun and lighthearted. Either way, it’s just me simply trying to call it like I see it. Sometimes I’m sad, sometimes I’m funny, and sometimes I’m a little of both or neither … and that, I’m still learning, is okay

An honest display of the human heart longing for connection and authenticity, no matter how hard the road or ugly the view. Comparable to Anne Lamott and Donald Miller.